When is the Edge open?

Great question! Edge hours change with the seasons so you should always check this site for updated hours. Edge hours also vary day by day depending on your age. So take a close look at theedgeskatepark.com/hours so you don’t miss a session!

Want a private session? You can rent the Edge on Sundays.

We also have summer camps: check out those details here.

How old do I have to be do come to The Edge Skatepark?

We have specific sessions for every age group. Each session is age specific so take a close look at the hours page to find when it is your turn to use the Edge.

What do I need to skateboard at The Edge?

If you are under 18 years of age you will need a parent to sign a waiver form. You may print one off our website or get one at the skatepark. You will need to wear a helmet (provided for free).

How much does it cost to skate at the Edge?

Ages 12-17 is $2
Ages 18+ is $5
Rentals: $60/hr.
Grom Sessions 0-11: $150/per season or $15 for drop-ins

How do I rent the Edge?

Simply email geoff@theedgeskatepark.com to book your rental. Sundays are reserved for skatepark rentals. Tip: book several weeks in advance to make sure you get a spot.

Can I Scooter or BMX at the Edge?

No. We are sorry to say that only skateboarding and inline skating is allowed at The Edge. We do not have insurance to cover other activities.

Do you rent out skateboards?

No. You should bring your own skateboard. Good chance you can take a volunteer’s board for a test drive – but they might want to do some skating as well.

What is summer Skate Camp all about?

The Edge Summer Skate Camps are week long camps that are from 9:00am – 12:30pm (9:00am – 5:00 pm for full day week) throughout the month of July. They are designed for anyone 8-12 years old who would like to learn how to skateboard, all the way up to kids who just want to get in more skating hours and have a great week. The skate camps consist of free skate time, skateboard instruction from our experienced Edge Staff, contests, games and prizes–basically everything a young skateboarder would ever want.

What is the Grom Sessions?

Grom Sessions are The Edge Skateparks first ever session for ages 11 and under. They happen on Saturday mornings from 10-12. We run 2 seasons of Grom sessions each winter: 12 weeks from Oct.-Dec. and another 12 weeks from Jan.-Mar. Parents are welcome and encouraged to skate with their kids during these sessions.

What is Edge Club? 

Edge Club is the best night of the week at the Edge! We skate, eat a home cooked meal and take some time for real talk. We discuss real life issues young people are facing as well questions around the Christian faith. After the conversation we keep skating.

OBC is ‘Old Boys Club’ and runs every Monday. It is free and optional to join and is for guys 18+ that want to have the same community, meal and real talk.

You do not need to be a Christian or have any spiritual focus to be involved in Club Night. We operate on a rule of mutual respect.

Does the Edge have a skate shop?

Yes we have a modest skate shop right in our park. The shop is open during session hours and open during rentals. Currently we are cash only. Any other time check out Green Apple on Corydon or Sk8 Skates at the Forks.

How do I start volunteering at The Edge?

Come check out a session and ask a volunteer for an application. Hand that back to the volunteer and you will get a phone call within a week.