SNOWBOARD CLUB IS HAPPENING AGAIN THIS YEAR! January 6th, 2016 until there’s no snow!

Snowboard club is the best! Once a week we meet at the Edge, load up the van(s) to go snowboarding at Spring Hill–5:30 on Wednesdays. For only $5 you get transportation, supper, snowboard & boot rentals, and a lift ticket–we return to the Edge at 9:15pm. This is perfect for beginners who have always wanted to try snowboarding but never had the opportunity. Waivers are the same for this program and the Edge skatepark, so if you have an Edge waiver already filled out, you are good to go. Otherwise, fill out this waiver form for us.

Check out–and join–the Facebook group for all the latest.

The Snowboard Club will starts when Spring Hill opens and ends when they close.Screen shot 2015-10-16 at 12.55.14 PM